St Mary's church Teddington


This small tracker action organ received an unusual enlargement in 2006 - the addition of 13 digital ranks. We were called in to discuss adding the extra tone colours in order to increase overall power and add tonal variety to this otherwise run-of-the-mill pipe organ. We achieved this by adding contacts to key trackers and drawer stops, installing MIDI encoding hardware and a PC with the world famous Hauptwerk software, and studio quality speakers to the Great and Swell divisions. The sample set chosen was of Willis origin, sampled dry, so that the digital stops wouldn't sound out of place against the pipe stops. The end result was successful and the church have been using the hybrid instrument ever since.


We continue to maintain the organ for tuning to the pipe ranks plus other general maintenance. A few years back intruders let off a powder fire extinguisher in the church, which coated the organ in fine white powder. We were called in to clean the instrument throughout and also took the opportunity to sort out a few other issues, including a stiff slider and woodworm ingress. The photos below are from the cleaning project.