Our range of services is extensive. Either working alone or with our partner companies, we are able to offer services which include the following:


Tuning and general maintenance - usual tuning work, either to the pitch organ currently is, or resetting the bearings to A440 or whatever pitch the organ was built to. General maintenance can include re-sticking reed weights, contact cleaning, small releathering work if possible in the time, magnet adjustments, cypher fixing and various adjustments


Electrical works - localised wiring, action supply cables or full rewiring in modern cabling to appropriate specification and in line with fire regulations.


Relay systems - we can design, supply, install and configure new relay systems. We use a few different systems, depending on requirements, from SSOS, to Uniflex and Opus-Two. We are also specialists in repairs and renovations to vintage relay systems such as Compton electro-magnetic matrix relays. In addition, for situations where the only requirement is to enable the console to be unplugged, we can design and install multiplex systems so that the fixed multi-core main cable can be replaced by a single small data cable.


Releathering - full releathering of unit chests, offset chests, soundboard underactions, regulators and bellows. Plus other items such as wiffletree swell engines, slider motor units and tremulants.


Chest or soundboard repairs & renovations - splits, slider issues, pallet facings, magnet repairs and suchlike can all be catered for.


Cleaning - pipe organs have a habit of getting very dirty. We offer a full cleaning service which would include removal of pipework, vacuum cleaning of all soundboard services, removal of top boards and cleaning/re-lubricating of sliders if appropriate


Blowers - from small single stage, single phase blowers to large multi-stage 3-phase units, we can cater for general maintenance, repairs, rewiring motor feeds, suppling and installing new control systems.


Pipe repairs - we work with some of the finest pipe makers/repairers in the country to be able to offer pipe repair services or remaking as required.


Tonal finishing and regulation - we undertake regulation of ranks to obtain uniformity and work with some of the country's expert tonal finishers where required.


Casework repairs and refinishing - pipe casework or consoles, we undertake refinishing of woodwork, include minor repairs


Paint spray work - in the case of painted display pipes or painted consoles we can offer respraying services, including proper preparation and priming.


Relocation - our specialist knowledge and skills, particularly with electric action organs, enable us to offer organ relocation services, which can include restoration as required.