Taylor-Hammond Associates Ltd was set up in 2012 out of our previous company, HWS Associates LLP, which closed due to the death of one of the partners. The director of Taylor-Hammond Associates Ltd is Peter Hammond, a long time organist, pianist and multi-faceted individual who has always had a strong interest in pipe organs, heritage restoration, woodwork and engineering.


The company brings together talented individuals such as musicians, electrical engineers and craftsmen under Peter's leadership and management, combining an ethos of working to proper standards, reasonable budgets and with a client-focussed approach.


THA Ltd work to IBO best practice methods and offer a range of services for pipe organs, such as leatherwork, woodwork, general maintenance, tuning, cleaning, electrical installations and relay systems.


For a more detailed summary of our services please see the Services section and for some example projects please see the Projects menu.


Taylor-Hammond Associates Ltd are based in Wimbledon, London, UK


Thank you for your interest.


January 2019



Our partner companies and organisations include:


Pipe Organ Services of Melton Mowbray

F Booth & Sons pipe makers and voicers of Leeds


Essex Organ Museum

The Cinema Organ Society

The Theatre Organ Club

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