Catford Broadway Theatre


Compton built several organs for municipal venues - one such example is the wonderful dual purpose instrument at Catford's Broadway Theatre, which was formerly called Lewisham Town Hall theatre, built in 1932. The organ's specification is said to have been modelled on the organ at Wimbledon Town Hall theatre, except with a unique and attractive console. It has 14 ranks of pipes and full percussion, and the console is designed to have a mix of a classical and theatre layout. The pipe chambers are built into the roof space above the front stalls ceiling, with large tone grills letting the sound into the auditorium.


The organ had been used up until the late 80s, but then largely untouched until we made contact in 2005 asking if we could take a look. It was all still there, and after a few months of TLC and repairs to pipe damage etc, it came back to life and showed what a superb instrument it is. We still look after it and keep it on good form, so it can be used for occasions such as the opening of various shows, silent film accompaniment and the occasional concert.